Tesla Winter Experience


As I am about to participate in a ice driving program arranged by OnTrack Event and Tesla Norway, I hereby declare:

  1. that I will maximum drive at a speed that always keeps me in full control of the vehicle in my possession.
  2. that I will stop driving immediately if I do not feel fit or comfortable enough to continue driving.
  3. that I will strictly follow all messages, stop orders etc. imposed by the organiser or its instructors.
  4. that I am not influenced by alcohol, narcotics or medication that can affect my driving ability.
  5. that I am in good shape and not suffering from illness or medical conditions which generally affects my ability for safe car driving.
  6. that I am fully aware that if I cause damage to one of the cars due to irresponsible driving, I myself am responsible for paying for these damages
  7. Finally I declare to have a valid driving licence.
You acknowledge and agree that, other than any liability insurance required by law, in this case third party insurance, Tesla does not provide any insurance coverage under this Agreement. In case of any damages to the Vehicle, a deductible with a maximum of EUR 2,500 (excluding VAT, if any) will apply and will be payable by you to Tesla. You will be liable for damages in excess of such deductible if these damages are a result of (i) a breach by you or any Authorized Person of this Agreement; or more generally; (ii) gross negligence, fraud and/or willful misconduct by you or any Authorized Person. You will also be liable for any parking, speeding or other tickets or fines that may be imposed on the Vehicle by competent parties during the term of your use of the Vehicle; Tesla may refer such parties to you if necessary to enforce such tickets or fines.